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Privacy Policy & Booking Terms

On this page, you will find the Privacy Policy and Booking Terms for Mobile Beats, both of which are fundamental to ensuring a transparent and trusting relationship with our clients. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we manage and protect your personal information, reflecting our commitment to your privacy and compliance with data protection laws. The Booking Terms provide clear guidelines on the agreement between Mobile Beats and our clients, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from booking to the day of your event. We encourage you to read these documents carefully to understand how we operate and to ensure your expectations are fully met.

Privacy Policy


At Mobile Beats, we highly value your privacy and are committed to treating your personal information with the utmost care, ensuring that our practices are both lawful and transparent. This document outlines our approach to managing your data, including its collection, use, disclosure, and the security measures in place to protect it.

Information Collection and Use

We collect personal information when you enquire about or book our services. This may include your name, contact details, details about your event, and any specific requests you might have. This information is gathered to respond effectively to your enquiries, process your bookings, and ensure the delivery of high-quality service.

How We Use Your Information

The data we collect is utilized in several ways:

  • To respond to your enquiries and provide detailed information about our services.

  • To process your bookings and confirm the details of your events.

  • To enhance the quality of our services and improve your customer experience.

  • To send you promotional materials, with your consent.

  • To fulfill legal obligations.

Sharing of Your Information

We ensure that your personal information will not be sold, distributed, or leased to third parties without your explicit consent, except where required by law. Moreover, photographs and videos taken at events may be used in our marketing materials, shared on our social media channels, displayed on our website, or used in other promotional materials such as leaflets. This usage is governed by the terms outlined in our "Privacy Policy on Photographs and Videos" section.

Your Rights

You have several rights concerning your personal data, including the right to:

  • Access the personal data we hold about you.-

  • Request the correction or deletion of your data.

  • Object to the processing of your data.

For any requests or concerns regarding your personal data, please contact us at

Data Retention for Booking Agreements

To fulfill our contractual obligations, we retain personal data obtained from booking agreements. This includes your contact information, event details, and payment information, which is retained for a legally required period before being securely disposed of.

Security Measures

We have implemented robust security measures to protect the information we collect, including physical, electronic, and managerial protocols. You are entitled to request access to, corrections of, or deletion of your personal data, in accordance with legal requirements.

Privacy Policy on Photographs and Videos


During our services, we capture photographs and videos at events, which may be used for marketing purposes, including on social media, our website, and in promotional materials. By accepting our booking terms and proceeding with a booking, you are providing express consent for the limited use of imagery for marketing purposes. Additionally, on occasion, we may take photographs during the event and provide them to you via an online photo album. This album is published on our website but is not made public; it is not readily accessible without the direct link and is not indexed by search engines. The link to this album will be sent directly to you, and you are free to share it as you wish. Photos in this album will be available for a period of 6 months, after which they will be permanently deleted. We advise clients to download any photos they wish to keep during this period.

We understand the importance of balancing the showcasing of our services with respect for individual privacy. As the event organiser, it is your responsibility to inform your guests that photographs and videos will be taken and that they have the option to withdraw their consent at any time. We are committed to handling all imagery with the utmost care, in line with our dedication to privacy and data protection.

Commitment to Data Protection

Protecting your privacy and upholding your rights is our primary goal. We treat all personal data, including photographs and videos, with the utmost care, adhering to UK data protection laws.

Changes to This Policy

This policy may be periodically updated to reflect changes in our practices or in response to legal, operational, or regulatory developments. We encourage you to review this policy regularly to stay informed of any updates.

For further details or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Privacy Policy

Booking Terms

1. Making the Booking

Any contract for the supply of DJ services is between you (The Client) and Mobile Beats. To secure your booking, you must agree to these terms and conditions by paying your deposit (which will be an agreed amount of the total booking fee). Once your deposit payment is received, a Booking Confirmation will be issued to you by email. A contract for the booking shall come into effect immediately thereafter. Deposits may be waived at the discretion of Mobile Beats, in which case the contract shall come into effect when full or partial payment of the Booking Fee is made. 


Please be advised that the service provision discussed and quoted for in prior communications, including emails and other forms of messaging, shall form an integral part of the agreement between Mobile Beats and the Client. The event details, along with a summary of the service provision, will be confirmed within those communications.

2. Changes to the Booking

The Booking Fee may be subject to change if any details of the booking are altered by the Client, such as the event date/times, event type, and event venue. All changes to the booking must be arranged and agreed by Mobile Beats in writing in advance of the event.

3. Payment of the Booking Fee (Deposit)

Bookings will only be secured once the Booking Fee (also referred to the Deposit) has been received and a confirmation email sent by Mobile Beats. 

The balance of the Booking Fee is payable to Mobile Beats by bank transfer 28 days before the day of the event, unless an alternative timeframe is agreed in advance. PayPal payments are subject to a 5% processing fee.

All prices quoted to you are correct at the time of quotation. However, bookings are taken on a "first come first served" basis, so there is no guarantee that the date will still be available when you come to make your booking. Prices are inclusive of value-added tax, if applicable.

4. Cancellations

Cancellation by the Client:

  • Cancellations made more than 9 months (270 days) before the event: In such cases, the Client will forfeit the booking fee, which covers administrative expenses associated with the enquiry and booking confirmation.

  • Cancellations made within 9 months of the event date: If the Client cancels within this timeframe, there will be a cancellation charge of 25% of the full Booking Fee. This fee reflects the impact of a late cancellation on our schedule and the potential loss of other bookings for the same date.

  • Cancellations made within 6 months of the event date: For cancellations occurring within 6 months of the event date, the Client will be liable to pay 50% of the remaining Booking Fee to Mobile Beats within 7 days of cancellation. This increased fee acknowledges the significant challenges of rebooking a date with limited notice.

  • Cancellations made within 3 months of the event date: In cases of cancellations within 3 months of the event date, the Client will be liable to pay 75% of the remaining Booking Fee to Mobile Beats within 7 days of cancellation. This fee reflects the substantial difficulties in securing an alternative booking on short notice.

  • Cancellations made within 1 month of the event date: If the Client cancels within 1 month of the event date, the Client will be liable to pay the full remaining Booking Fee to Mobile Beats within 7 days of cancellation. Late cancellations within this timeframe pose the most significant challenges, as it becomes extremely challenging to find a replacement booking.

These escalating cancellation fees are designed to account for the increasing impact on our business as the event date approaches. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we will do our best to accommodate changes or reschedule the event where possible. However, these fees are in place to protect our business and reflect the commitment and preparation involved in providing our services.

Mobile Beats may also instruct a debt collection agency or solicitor where necessary to collect any overdue payment (including any interest and/or late payment charges). In such circumstances, you will be liable to pay an additional sum to Mobile Beats, which will not exceed the reasonable costs incurred to pay the debt collection agency or solicitor who will add the sum to your outstanding debt.

Cancellation by Mobile Beats:

  • In the unlikely event that Mobile Beats cancels the booking, we will make reasonable attempts to find a suitable replacement DJ at no extra cost to the Client.

  • If Mobile Beats is unable to facilitate a replacement DJ, any payments made by the Client will be refunded in full.


5. Important Information and Changes to Agreed Service Provision/Event Details

The Client must declare any important information regarding the event, including but not limited to:

  • Restrictions to venue access, such as stairs or other obstacles.

  • Any factors that may affect the performance of DJ services.

Failure to declare important information that may impact the provision of DJ services, including venue access restrictions, means we reserve the right to withdraw services with no refund due, partial or otherwise. It is the Client's responsibility to provide accurate and complete information to ensure the successful delivery of our services.

If there are changes to the agreed service provision, event details (e.g., date, time, venue, location), or any other changes deemed significant by Mobile Beats, the contract will be deemed to be cancelled, and the cancellation policy and associated fees will apply. While we will make every effort to accommodate changes wherever possible, changes to the terms may result in adjustments to the required fee.

6. Sound Limiter Clause

Mobile Beats values providing high-quality entertainment at every event. However, in venues where sound limiters are installed, Mobile Beats must ensure that the event adheres to the venue's regulations and limitations. Therefore, the following provisions apply:

  • Declaration of Sound Limiter: It is the responsibility of the Client to declare the presence of a sound limiter at the chosen venue at the time of booking. Failure to do so may affect the performance and outcome of the event.

  • Working with Sound Limiters: Mobile Beats will make every reasonable effort to work within the constraints imposed by sound limiters. This includes controlling volume levels to comply with the venue's regulations.

  • No Guarantee of Uninterrupted Performance: The Client acknowledges that venues with sound limiters may result in interruptions to the performance. While Mobile Beats will strive to minimize disruptions, the operation of sound limiters is beyond our control, and we cannot guarantee an uninterrupted performance.

  • Client Recommendation: Mobile Beats strongly recommends that Clients consider venues without sound limiters whenever possible. Sound limiters, even when volume levels are controlled, may not be conducive to a lively and engaging party or entertainment environment. Audience participation, applause, and other interactive elements can contribute to noise levels and potentially trigger sound limiters, affecting the overall experience.

7. Photography Service Terms

At Mobile Beats, we occasionally offer the additional service of taking photographs during events as a complimentary gesture to our clients. This service is provided as an added value and is not included as part of the contracted services for which you have paid. It is important to note that this complimentary photography service is offered at our discretion and does not form a part of the official package or agreement between you and Mobile Beats.

Quality and Provision of Photographs

While we endeavor to deliver a photography service of good quality, we wish to make it clear that this service is provided without any guarantees. Every effort will be made to capture memorable moments from your event, but we cannot assure specific outcomes regarding the quality or quantity of the photographs. The provision of photographs is subject to various factors, including but not limited to technical issues, environmental conditions, and unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the event.

Limitation of Liability

In the event that photographs are not provided, or if the quality or quantity of the photographs does not meet your expectations, please understand that Mobile Beats will not be liable for any form of recompense. As this photography service is offered on a complimentary basis and is not a paid feature of our event services, it does not carry the same guarantees or obligations that apply to our contracted services.

Digital Photo Album

If photos are taken at your event they will generally be provided to you in a complimentary digital photo album. This album is offered as an additional courtesy and is not included in the core services outlined in your booking. For detailed information on the management and protection of your data, including photographs and videos, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Use of Photographs and Video for Marketing

By agreeing to these booking terms, you consent to Mobile Beats using a limited selection of event photographs and videos for marketing purposes. This is essential for showcasing our services and contributing to the vibrant portfolio we share with potential clients. We commit to using these images respectfully and professionally, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

8. Respect and Behaviour

Mobile Beats is committed to creating a respectful and positive environment at all events we service. We expect all guests to treat our staff with civility. In instances of unacceptable conduct, we will attempt to address the issue with the client, where reasonable. However, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards violence or aggression. If the situation cannot be resolved or if we believe our safety is at risk, we reserve the right to terminate our services immediately, with no liability on our part. Under these circumstances, clients will not be entitled to any form of financial compensation for the cessation of services.

9. Music Selection and Playlist Discretion

We strive to accommodate our clients' musical preferences to enhance their event. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to refuse playing certain songs or genres, including but not limited to songs associated with football. The decision regarding the appropriateness of specific songs lies solely with Mobile Beats, aiming to ensure a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for all event attendees.

10. Venue Safety and Requirements

The venue's safety and the adequacy of its facilities are paramount for the provision of our services. Venues must be safe and equipped with adequate, safely installed electrical points. Should we identify any concerns regarding venue safety or electrical installations, we will communicate these to the venue and the client. If these concerns cannot be adequately addressed, we reserve the right to withdraw our services without liability. In such cases, no financial reimbursement will be provided.

11. Insurance and Equipment Safety

Mobile Beats carries comprehensive public liability insurance, and we can furnish proof of this insurance upon request. Our equipment is regularly inspected and tested to ensure it meets safety standards. Documentation affirming the safety of our equipment is also available upon request.

12. Contingency Plans and Flexibility

At Mobile Beats, we recognise the importance of seamless execution and adaptability. We have comprehensive contingency plans in place to address any unforeseen circumstances, such as equipment failure, illness, or emergencies, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. While we strive to maintain the agreed-upon schedule, we understand that unexpected changes or delays may arise. We offer flexibility in adjusting the timeline or schedule of events to accommodate such situations to the best of our ability. However, please note that significant changes to agreed performance times may not always be feasible or may incur additional charges. Rest assured, we are committed to providing a stress-free experience for you and your guests, prioritising your enjoyment of every moment of your special day.

13. Follow-Up and Dispute Resolution

Your satisfaction and feedback are invaluable to us at Mobile Beats. After your wedding, we welcome the opportunity to gather your thoughts and address any concerns you may have. We strive for continuous improvement and are dedicated to enhancing our services based on your feedback. In the unlikely event of any disputes, we believe in resolving them amicably and professionally. Initially, dispute resolution will be attempted between both parties. If resolution proves challenging, we are committed to appointing a neutral third party from a respected industry body, such as the Music Union, to mediate and facilitate a fair resolution. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are fully committed to ensuring your wedding day exceeds expectations in every aspect.

14. Jurisdiction

The terms of booking are subject to the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.

These terms are designed to protect the safety and enjoyment of all parties involved and uphold the high standard of service provided by Mobile Beats, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards. If you have any concerns or queries regarding these terms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Booking Terms
Changes to the booking
Paymet of the booking fee (deposit)
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