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Modern DJ Services

We are truly committed to entertaining you and your guests. No cheesy patter, generic playlists or outdated routines – Mobile Beats is a modern DJ service delivering great music and good vibes.

Our ethos at Mobile Beats is simple; quality, integrity, and a personalised musical experience that will leave you with amazing memories. We favour a straightforward approach, with seamless music transitions and a broad selection that caters to all tastes.

Check our availability and kick-start your celebration with a modern twist on DJ services.

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Bride and Groom


Get in touch - we're here to help!

Our Passion

Our passion as DJs springs from a deep love for music and the joy of enhancing special moments. We relish the opportunity to blend various music genres to create memorable experiences, uniting people in celebration. It's the smiles, the dances, and the shared happiness that drives our dedication DJing.

Simple, Elegant Approach

We keep it simple. Our approach is understated, allowing the music to enhance your event's atmosphere without taking center stage. We focus on creating a seamless flow, ensuring smooth transitions and professional handling of announcements. We'll seamlessly mix the music you want to hear, and read the crowd to keep people dancing.

The Music We Play

We offer DJ services for diverse crowds - we have something for everyone. Whether your heart lies with disco, indie, rock 'n' roll, or house music, we tailor every track to enhance your event and reflect your individual taste, all within the scope of our comprehensive DJ services.

Experienced DJs

Mobile Beats has been providing DJ services in Scotland for 25 Years, and we know what it takes to make a successful and memorable event. From small gatherings to lively bashes, we've brought the energy to castles, barns, hotels, marquees, ships, and even industrial spaces.

What We Do

Mobile Beats Wedding DJs - What We Do

Pre-Wedding Consultations

Personally DJ at Your Wedding

Personalised DJ Set Ups

Clean & Tidy Cable Management

Crystal Clear Sound Quality

Modern Lighting Tailored to Your Colour Theme

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion

Take Care of all the Necessary Announcements

Mix the Music You Want to Hear

Read the Crowd

What We Don't Do

Mobile Beats Wedding DJs - What We Don't Do

Subcontract Your Wedding to Another DJ

Use Poor Quality or Dated Equipment 

Messy Wires

Tacky Lighting That Ruins Photos

Cheesy Patter

Sing Over the Top of Songs

Dress Innapropriately

Use Standard Playlists

Play the Music You Don't Want to Hear

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